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South Florida Unsafe Premises Injury Lawyer

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure that their place of business is safe for public use. Many people who are injured in premises liability accidents are often unaware of the full extent of safety precautions that property owners are required to take. In fact, many injured people either do not settle for any money, or accept far less than what their premises liability injuries may entitle them to receive.

Talk to a law firm that understands how your injuries affect your life

The law firm of Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., in St. Petersburg, Florida, has the experience and the resources you can rely on if you have been injured in a premises liability accident. Whether your child has been injured while playing unsupervised in a neighbor’s yard, or you have suffered a catastrophic injury in a construction zone, we are ready to fight for your rights and your best interests in a variety of cases involving property owner liability, including:

As effective personal injury attorneys, we bring nearly sixty years of combined personal injury trial experience to settlement negotiations or jury trials. As such, we understand how to successfully present a clear and winning premises liability claim. Our goal is to uphold the reputation we have earned throughout the community for keeping our clients’ health as our top priority.

We have helped people recover damages for premises liability accidents such as:

  • Broken ladders
  • Unsafe scaffolding
  • Animal attacks, including dog bites
  • Escalator and elevator accidents
  • Unsafe stairwells

We go beyond courtroom representation

We know that you may be unable to earn an income for your family after you have suffered an accident on property that is unsafe for public use. Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., is more than just another personal injury law firm, as we do whatever we can to help you make ends meet while you are recovering from your injuries. Our firm works with a variety of insurance agencies to help you get the financial benefits you may have coming.

Contact our St. Petersburg personal injury law firm or call our office at 727-323-4533 to schedule a free consultation with Dean Karikas or Daniel Kasaris right away. We can help you understand what your best legal options may be after being injured in a premises liability accident.





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