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All terrain vehicles (ATVs) are used throughout the country for recreation as well as for convenience on farms, in agricultural areas, suburbs and other open spaces. However, as with any motor vehicle accident, serious, life-threatening injuries can result from an ATV accident. The St. Petersburg law offices of Karikas & Kasaris, P.A. is committed to helping clients recover physically, emotionally and economically following a serious ATV crash. Contact us to learn how we can help.

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Our personal injury lawyers understand the complex issues that are often involved in ATV accidents. We diligently investigate and prepare a solid claim for our client’s recovery. Often times, these off-road accidents involve factors, such as:

  • Unseen obstacles: When crashing into an unnoticeable obstacle, such as a tree stump, the ATV can come to a dramatic halt causing the driver to be thrown several feet into the air and come crashing to the ground. Many people then suffer nerve damage, paralysis or a head injury as a result of the sharp impact with the ground. If the accident occurs near water (such as at the beach), the individual may be thrown into the water and drown.
  • Defective design: While no longer in production, some three wheelers (3 wheelers) still remain in use today, resulting in serious or fatal crashes. These ATVs were deemed to have a faulty design which caused the vehicle to rollover with very little effort. Our product liability attorneys seek damages for people who have been injured by defectively designed products, such as unstable three wheel ATVs.
  • ATV rollovers: While much safer than the 3 wheeler, 4 wheelers are still susceptible to rollover crashes. The fourth wheel adds to the balance of the vehicle. However, many 4 wheeler ATVs have an imbalanced center of gravity which causes the ATV to rollover. People involved in ATV rollover accidents suffer catastrophic injuries often due to the lack of protection – from the impact with the ground as well as the force of the ATV itself rolling over the rider.

We are Real People, Representing People Injured in ATV Accidents

We recognize how difficult it can be to suffer a severe injury, to watch a loved one cope with a traumatic injury or to lose a family member in a serious accident. We help clients pursue the compensation they need and deserve during these difficult times. We handle the legal aspect of the personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit so that our client can focus on their health, recovery and family.

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If you or a loved one has been involved in an ATV accident in Florida, contact our Tampa Bay area law firm and schedule a free consultation with an attorney. Please call 727-323-4533.




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