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Leading Florida Food Poisoning Injury Claim Lawyer

According to statistics compiled by the U.S. Center for Disease Control, there are approximately 200 known diseases that can be transmitted through food. These diseases result in nearly 76 million illnesses and 5,000 deaths in America each year. When a food-borne illness is the result of unsanitary restaurant conditions, improper packaging, or insufficient supervision of staff hygiene, it makes food poisoning cases even more tragic.

More Than 60,000 Americans Are Hospitalized By Food Poisoning Every Year

At the personal injury law offices of Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., in St. Petersburg, Florida, we take an aggressive legal approach to helping you receive the damages to which you are entitled after being made ill by preventable food poisoning. We are among Florida’s leading product liability and food poisoning law firms, representing victims of unsanitary or illegal food packaging throughout Florida. Contact our offices immediately if you, or a family member, has become sick after eating at a restaurant, or after finding a foreign object in a packaged food item. The food safety and health laws in America are among strongest in the world, and we help make sure they are taken seriously.

We Have Helped People Recover for Food Poisoning Related to the Following Causes:

  • Unsanitary restaurant conditions
  • Fast food contamination
  • Foreign objects in pre-packaged food
  • Spoiled or rancid products

We Go Beyond Courtroom Representation

When you are in the hospital recovering from food poisoning or a food borne disease, you are unable to earn an income for your family. Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., is dedicated to our efforts to help you continue to support yourself and your family financially. We work with a variety of agencies to help you get the financial benefits you may have coming.

If You Don’t Receive Money for Your Food Poisoning Claim, You Don’t Pay

We are real people, helping those who are injured by other people’s negligence, misconduct, or criminal acts. If you or a family member has become ill because of tainted food or improper food packaging,¬†contact¬†Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., to schedule a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Please call 727-323-4533.

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