Whiplash and Soft Tissue Injury Attorney

Whiplash Neck Brace Man

If you were in a rear-end car accident or hit from behind by a distracted driver, you may experience a sore neck or other upper body pains. In some cases, you may have felt fine after the accident, but the pain showed up several days or weeks later.

At the law firm of Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., we are St. Petersburg attorneys and we understand the complexities of whiplash and other soft tissues injuries that can occur in car accidents and truck crashes. Each of our personal injury lawyers has nearly 30 years of experience and we work with injured people throughout South Florida to ensure that they understand their legal rights and that they receive compensation for their injuries.

Pinellas County Rear-End Collision Attorneys

Many people who are injured in a rear-end collision, especially those involving slow speeds or situations where there is minimal damage to the car’s exterior, do not seek medical attention immediately following the crash. Most cars and trucks on the road today are designed and built to withstand the impact of these types of crashes, and the bumper or body of the car may not even show signs of a rear-end collision. It is important to remember that just because there is no damage to the vehicle, it does not mean that you were not seriously injured.

Your health is our top priority. Part of making sure that you receive quality medical treatment, therapy and other services is to obtain a damage award from the responsible party. Florida automobile insurance laws and the availability of PIP coverage may depend on when you seek medical coverage. This is why we recommend that everyone involved in a car accident seek immediate medical attention to help ensure that a potential future recovery is not limited or reduced based on a delay in seeking medical treatment.

No Fees or Costs Unless We Recover Money for Your Injury

From the initial consultation to the costs involved in investigating, preparing, and presenting your case for negotiation or court will not require you to take money from your pocket upfront. If you do not receive money for your claim, you will not pay any costs or fees. When we meet to discuss your accident claim, we will fully explain how our contingency fees work so that you have an understanding of how the fee structure works. All your questions are answered upfront and explained early in the process so that there are no surprises in the future.

If you were involved in a car accident and have neck or upper back pain that will not go away, we are ready to use our experience to help you. Contact our St. Petersburg, Florida, personal injury lawyers or call our office to schedule your free consultation at 727-323-4533.





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