Case Results

Lady Counting Cash Money

$2,700,000.00 – Head on collision involving multiple leg fractures

$1,800,000.00 – Settlement two weeks prior to trial for serious injuries resulting from a car and semi-tractor trailer crash

$900,000.00 – Motorcyclist with shoulder, knee, and pelvic injuries

$850,000.00 – Head injury due to slip and fall on golf course.

$550,000.00 – Settlement exceeding policy limits for multiple fractures to pedestrian struck by motor home

$175,000.00 – Bicyclist struck by a motor vehicle

$135,000.00 – Verdict for motor vehicle accident with $50 dent in bumper

$80,000.00 – Verdict for motor vehicle accident resulting in arthroscopic knee surgery

$79,000.00 – Verdict for grocery store customer struck by motorized scooter

$32,500.00 – Verdict for neck sprain resulting from motor vehicle accident

$25,000.00 – Verdict against McDonald’s Corporation in food poisoning incident

Confidential settlement for radiation burn during medical procedure

Confidential settlement against negligent road construction contractor

Confidential settlement for vocal chord damage due to caustic cleaning solution in iced tea 

Confidential settlement for failure to timely diagnose breast cancer




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