Florida Motorcycle Insurance Attorneys

If you are thinking about whether you need to purchase motorcycle insurance in Florida, there are many factors to consider — many of which you will not hear from the agent selling insurance.

At the law firm of Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., we represent riders injured in motorcycle accidents and we see firsthand the difference that insurance can make in accidents involving serious injuries. We know that a bike crash can have long-term consequences for those involved. Our Florida motorcycle insurance lawyers hope that you never need to understand the full details of your accident coverage, but if you do, we can help.

St. Petersburg Motorcycle Accident Coverage

More and more people in Florida are looking to alternative forms of daily transportation as a way to combat the high cost of gas. Along with motorcycles, scooters, Vespas, mopeds and other types of two-wheel vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Before you decide to purchase motorcycle insurance in Florida, consider the following facts:

  • Motorcycle insurance does not include Personal Injury Protection (PIP) coverage: While Florida law requires that automobile insurance coverage include PIP coverage in the amount of $10,000, there is no such requirement for motorcycle insurance. PIP coverage in an auto accident pays 80% of medical expenses, 60% of gross wage loss, plus other expenses and payments are made by your own insurance company, regardless of whose negligence caused the accident. That is why PIP is often referred to as "No-Fault" coverage.
  • Consider a policy that includes property damage, uninsured and underinsured coverage: If you are riding a motorcycle and are hit by a driver who does not have liability insurance, you need coverage that can help you get the care you need to recover from your injuries and repair or replace your bike — especially if it is your only form of transportation.
  • If you double your coverage, your premium will likely not double: The initial amount of coverage is usually the most expensive and most insurance premiums do not increase at the same rate as the increase in coverage. For example: if the premium for $10,000 coverage is $100 a year, $20,000 worth of coverage will likely be $140, not $200. It is important to purchase enough insurance so that you are adequately protected in case of an accident. A single emergency room visit can easily total $10,000.

There are many variables in motorcycle insurance and the information provided above should be used as an aid to understanding Florida motorcycle insurance. This information is not intended to explain all the fine details of motorcycle insurance and the law, and the policies offered by insurance companies can change at any time.

Therefore, if you have questions about auto insurance, you should contact your attorney or call Karikas & Kasaris, P.A., at 727-323-4533.

Don't hesitate to call because after you have an accident, it will be too late to change your coverage.